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Tell the police in advance before you post on Facebook and Twitter, says the government

A report for UNISON by the Smith Institute shows that the NHS and local councils across the UK are facing a growing staffing crisis as a result of the government’s imposed pay cap.

UNISON urges the government to show compassion and accept more refugees

Dave Prentis, UNISON’s General Secretary has condemned the government’s insensitive attitude towards the refugee crisis in Europe and called on members to contact their MPs* to put more pressure on ministers to ensure that the UK does everything possible to help the thousands of families fleeing the violence in the Middle East and Africa.

Probation staff to take further strike action over pay

UNISON members working for the NPS (National Probation Service) and CRCs (Community Rehabilitation Companies) will be going out on second strike over pay for three hours on Monday 14 September. The strike will be followed by 2 ½ weeks of action short of strike with members working strictly to their contracted hours.

Probation members prepare for action ballot in Sodexo companies

UNISON and NAPO members reject reduced redundancy terms by 98% in consultative ballots covering six community rehabilitation companies

Why you should reject the Further Education pay “offer”

Five reasons to reject the 0% “offer”

Staffing numbers not unsocial hours payments are the real barrier to a seven-day NHS

A recent report has concluded that the cost of unsocial hours allowances is not a barrier to the introduction of a seven-day NHS, despite claims to the contrary by Jeremy Hunt (Secretary of State for Health) and the NHS Employers.

Beds Police branch condemns plans to close control room

Bedfordshire Police branch has condemned the decision to close the control room at Kempston next March.

Benefits and ballots – Government puts the boot into workers’ rights

Not content with cutting in-work benefits for low paid workers the government has announced plans to make striking for higher pay even more difficult than it already is, if not completely impossible.

National Probation Service members to switch subs payment to direct debit

As part of the Tory’s attacks on trade union organisation the Ministry of Justice has decided to stop UNISON members in the National Probation Service (NPS) from paying their monthly membership subscriptions from their salaries. UNISON is advising NPS members to set up payment by direct debit as soon as possible to ensure they remain fully paid up members.

Injury compensation awards top £2 million in June

An injury at work can be a life-changing event and all too often can have serious financial consequences.  While financial compensation can never put right the affects of an injury at work it can assist in helping you adjust to your new situation.  As a UNISON member you are entitled to free legal advice and representation if you are injured at work.

In Depth

Apprenticeships and UNISON – why the two go together

If you’re thinking about being an apprentice or are already an apprentice and are thinking about joining us take a look at our two new videos.

A brief guide to the progress of the trade union bill through parliament

The Bill has now had both its first and seconds readings in the House of Commons and now moves onto the committee stage.  So, what does this mean for our campaign against it?

Why student nurses need to be in UNISON – watch the new video

We all know about the need to join a union when starting work but what about when you’re just starting  training for your dream job?  That’s the question UNISON will be putting to thousands of students across the country as they begin courses to become nurses, ODPs and paramedics.

The right to strike is under threat. Here’s a quick video explaining why…

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady sets out the dangers of the government’s Trade Union Bill.

The Tory Trade Union Bill – Let us know what you think of it

The government latest attempt to prevent workers from campaigning for better pay and working conditions is set out in the recently published Trade Union Bill.  Here are some of the things it will do:

Will the end of DOCAS mean the end for trades unions? Don’t Panic!

As expected the Tories have announced they will ban public sector employers from deducting union members’ subs from their wages. The government hopes that by ending DOCAS (deduction of contributions at source, also known as “check off”), they will finally bring down trades unions because members won’t sign up for direct debit payments. It seems they have a short memory.

UNISON in schools – what we do and how to get involved

UNISON is the largest union for school support staff and local UNISON branches have been very busy this year, working hard to support members on a wide range of issues in the hundreds of schools, most of which are no longer local authority controlled.

There For You – UNISON Welfare

During 2014 There for You helped make a positive to change to thousands of members’ lives through providing advice and support as well as financial assistance on a range of issues.

Roger Poole obituary – A trade unionist with a reputation as a hugely constructive negotiator

The Guardian has published an obituary of Roger Poole, former UNISON Assistant General Secretary who died on 3 July.

Eastern Region Black Members’ Group

UNISON is unique among trades unions by establishing Self Organised Groups as part of its strategy to combat discrimination in the workplace and society. Tim Roberts describes the work of the Black Members’ group and how you can get involved.

Ambulance crews predict deaths and drug errors if excessive working hours aren’t ended

The East of England Ambulance branch have produced a shocking film exposing the dangers to staff and patients caused by ambulance crews being required to regularly work excessive hours.  In the film paramedics talk about their fears of falling asleep at the wheel, making a drug error or having a road accident.

So you think you could never speak at a UNISON conference?

Neither did young member Victoria Haddow so she decided to do something about it

After a few months on the Regional Young Members Committee I fancied a challenge! I’d heard that another young member, Stacey Davies from Cambridge had spoken at last year’s National Local Government Conference. That was something I couldn’t see myself doing, at least not before my time as a young member ran out.